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Application Profiles


The application profiles enumerate the elements in each of the three base layer element sets (i.e., archival collections, serial collections, and monograph collections) and provide the following specifications:

  • Element Label—the official label or name of the element to be used for display purposes
  • CSV Element—the label for the element in base layer CSV spreadsheets
  • Element Node(s)—the node in the XML file at which the element value(s) is/are accessed
  • Subelement(s)—child nodes of the element node, sometimes required for identifying the correct element node
  • Attribute(s)—qualifiers that modify the element
  • Dublin Core Element—the mapping to or equivalent element in the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, version 1.1 (unqualified Dublin Core)
  • Mandatory—an indication of the obligation of the element (“yes” for required; “no” for optional); based on whether or not values for the element exist in (nearly) all records
  • Repeatable—an indication of whether or not the element can appear more than once in a record
  • Vocabulary/Encoding Scheme—controlled vocabularies or encoding schemes that define permitted values for the element
  • Notes—notes describing the content and/or formatting of the element values
  • Source Data Example—a snippet of XML representing the element, as it would appear in a source data file
  • Base Layer Example—an example of an element value, as it would appear in a base layer

Note: Multiple element values are separated by a triple pipe (|||) unless stated otherwise.


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